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Available as of November(2003) - from University of Oklahoma Press - Native American Flags - a compendium of over 190 tribal flags and flags of tribal associations. The culmination of two decades of research into the flags of America's first peoples! Over 190 color images on sixteen color plates and two hundred more in black-and-white! The book is now available from either Barnes and Noble or For those wishing to order the book offline, you may download an order form directly HERE

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Welcome to the greatly enlarged "Native American Flags" home page. Thanks to the kind people at AOL, I now have more room for showing you what I consider a little known, but fascinating expression of one group of peoples display of their national pride and self image. I know of no other site devoted to this topic, so I hope you will browse around. Remember I do not sell flags! If you want to buy tribal flags see Item #5 of the outer list (not the list of tribes) below.

The North American Vexillological Association published Don Healy's "Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States" as the sole topic of its third/fourth issue of RAVEN - NAVA's scholarly journal of vexillology, the study of flags, their history, and symbolism. That limited edition book from 1997 covered 142 tribes and associations and documents some 172 flags. It is no longer available from NAVA (see above for great news for those interested in this topic). What follows is a selection of segments from both publications. It is hoped that you find the information, different, informative and interesting. Due to contractual obligations with University of Oklahoma Press (see above) I cannot add new flags to this website that are unique to the new book is published. Never fear - I am not ignoring this site - since the book was sent to the editor, new flags have been documented from Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and Arizona and others. The new version of the book - now entitled "Native American Flags" will feature flags from all but a few states (SORRY - W,Virginia, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, Delaware and Maryland) and be generally available - that means Borders, Barnes and Noble and! Good news as of late 2005 - Virginia we have flag info - Massachusetts too!. It will appear sometime in 2006.

The following items are available for you to browse at your leisure:

  1. About "The Flags of the Native Peoples..."
  2. List of Tribes with known flags
  3. List of Tribes with flags of unknown design
  4. List of Tribes without flags
  5. Where to buy tribal flags
  6. Flags and their stories - a sampler- Plus - if you seeat the bottom of the tribal page click on it and go directly to that tribe's home page!
  7. Flags of United States Tribes - a state by state breakdown
  8. Flags of United States Tribes broken down by major tribal nations
  9. Flags of Native Peoples of Canada
  10. Flags of Native People South of the U.S.
  11. Flags of the Native Peoples of Australia
  12. List of References & Acknowledgments
  13. To Order a Copy of the Book - Native American Flags
  14. Give me more info! --- Links to relevent sites
  15. Meet the author

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