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"Just to let you know, I received the flags, and I'm highly impressed by both their artistic and material quality. They certainly exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be more satisfied. I'm in the midst of deciding how to arrange them in my home and office, and if you'd still be interested, I can send you some pictures of them when I have them set up. ~~ Meanwhile, I'm going to be perusing your offerings again to make a few more selections - Christmas is coming, and I know some people who would go bats for some of your offerings - but I do just have one slight omission to mention to you first. As is entirely understandable in an order than balloons to the size that mine did, a single item was left out: that generic Vatican flag having the keys on it rather than the arms of a particular Pope. ~~ I'm in no rush on that one, so could I just mention it when I place my next order and have it sent along with whatever others I choose? Again, no problem at all, really; I'm so blown away by how attractive your products are!"...RK in Wisconsin

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