On July 4, 2010,
we celebrated

the 50
th anniversary of our 50-star flag!

you can receive a FREE
GOLDEN JUBILEE 3x5ft grommetted U.S. flag

Golden Jubilee flag in Proud Company
in Dewes Delaware, November 2013
(photo courtesy Ted Spenser)

Display at the home of Ted Spencer
Lewes, Delaware
photos by Ted Spencer

First U.S. Flight -- July Fourth 2010
Home of Greg Burns in New Jersey, U.S.A.
Photo by Greg Burns

50th Anniversary US Flag
photo by Sophie Rault

made of high-strength polyester
with four rows of stitching at the fly

(click graphic above to enlarge)

with purchase of any two 3x5ft flags from
the collections shown at

FREE U.S. shipping
For Canada add $7.50; for other foreign locations add $11.50

Here's a great deal for those of you who would like to purchase the flag separately for US delivery - you can purchase an economy imported polyester version, or a 100% U.S.A.-PRODUCED  version printed on U.S.-made Nylon - CLICK THE APPROPRIATE PAYPAL BUTTONS TO BUY NOW!  
(foreign shipments - please contact us for ordering information - call 1-401-741-5177 or E-mail


100% U.S.A.-produced from U.S.-made nylon - $75.00


Our country’s flag history is studded with examples of letters, numerals and shapes made with or without stars, usually white, but on occasion golden – please click here for some examples.

Since 1777 the United States has had 27 official flags and well over 200 unofficial ones – by far the richest national flag treasure in the world. Commenting on the 224 American flag variants he  researched, world-class flag authority David Martucci says, If I studied hard enough, I could come up with another 200. (*)

(*) Please take a moment to enjoy Martucci’s work at – the second bullet from the top leads you to a luxuriant display of designs from our flag‘s history.